Cardboard Box Dividers: Can't We All Just Get Along?

box insertsUsing intersecting sheets of cardboard, cardboard box dividers or partitions create separate sections within a larger box. Dividers are used to help a product maintain a certain position within the larger box or to cradle fragile objects.

box divider box divider box divider box divider

wine boxIf you are shipping bottles, or many similarly shaped objects, box dividers are essential to keep the packed objects from bumping into each other. Dividers are better than packing peanuts, for instance, for packaging bottles because they keep the bottles from touching.


foam insertsWe can also design and create foam inserts. Injected foam and styrofoam inserts will protect your box's contents from damage.

Our professional designers can create an insert, divider or partition system that fits your needs and your product perfectly.

For more information or to get an estimate on dividers or foam inserts, call us today at (951) 675-1207.

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