Need a Large Cardboard Box? Try a Gaylord.

A Gaylord, bulk bin, or corrugated pallet box is a large cardboard box usually made of triple wall corrugated fiberboard, or cardboard. These large boxes are used for bulk packaging. They can be square, rectangular or octagonal in shape.

These large boxes were initially produced by the Gaylord Container Company of Gaylord, Michigan, thus the name. A Gaylord Box is often 48" x 40" x 36" and fits neatly on a standard shipping pallet.

Farmers use these big cardboard boxes to hold and ship large produce such as watermelons and pumpkins. You may have seen them at your local grocery store.

Recycling companies use Gaylord Boxes to haul material to be recycled. Each box can hold around 1,500 pounds of paper.

triple wall box
This is an example of another type of large, triple walled box
Triple-walled fiberboard provides a much stronger box

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